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My Secret for Beautiful Hair
Posted on 17 October 2011

 Our family's tradition and experience in cosmetology goes back for over 100 years in Europe, USA and now in Asia. I have seen hundreds of examples of how to obtain beautiful hair.
Let me share my professional secret for beautiful hair.
I learned that the secret to having beautiful hair starts by maintaining a healthy scalp.
When the scalp is too dry, too oily or plagued with dandruff, healthy hair won't happen unless we incorporate a "scalp-care" treatment into your hair-care regime.
Over the years we developed a 4-STEP Hair & Scalp Treatment program where the very first important step is to cleanse the scalp. Paul Penders hair care range contains a wonderful and unique product called Pegaga Scalp Cleansing Treatment. Pegaga is a powerful Malaysian herb that grows wild in this great tropical Langkawi GEOPARK rainforest island. It is used for centuries by local people for cleansing the body and beauty treatments. It is a powerful herb that deeply cleanses impurities from the scalp while at the same time takes care of dandruff problems.
One full treatment is described below which should be done twice a week until enough improvement is made. Later on it can be used as a healthy and relaxing total hair and scalp maintenance treatment every 2 weeks, or once a month. I know several people who started using the treatments and the result is more beautiful, healthy, shiny, and fuller hair.
Please follow this easy 4-step process:
1. Apply Pegaga Scalp Cleansing Treatment. Gently massage till scalp feels "warm". Leave-in for 15 minutes to one hour (depending on how much time you have). For best results, cover hair with plastic to capture the body's heat. Rinse.
2. Wash with Time Release Jasmine Shampoo and when you feel more foam is needed wash a 2ND time with a few drops of shampoo only.
3. Apply Intensive Hair Repair Therapy for beautiful shiny hair and leave-in for 2 minutes. Rinse.
4. Finish off with Holy Basil Conditioning Scalp Toner. You will be so amazed how fresh your scalp feels after this 4-step treatment. I truly recommend it because your hair becomes healthier, shinier, fuller and more manageable.

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