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Great News From Paul Penders Co!
Posted on 17 October 2011

 Like many small sized companies around the world, we are fighting hard to keep ahead in the economic downturn occurring in most parts of the world. But we don't complain and are proud to say that we do not feel intimidated at all! On the contrary, regular readers of our newsletters and blogs see enthusiastic signs from our hardworking teams.
Right now, we have a booth at a major trade fair in Bangkok. And this weekend, our enthusiastic and active distributor in Malaysia organizes a "Super Weekend" with our wonderful new product, Benefit Complex Ampule. These ampules are available for all 5 skin types, and we have seen fantastic results with it. But this is not the end.....!
Very soon we will introduce other new and exciting new products. Dry Skin Relief.... is a super-rich moisturizer that our customers in the U.S., Australia and northern parts of Asia are anxiously awaiting before the next winter arrives. Dry Skin Relief was tested in various places in the world with great results for anyone combating dry skin! Another new product development is a wonderful scrub.
So rather than complaining about the world recession, Paul Penders Company invests substantially in R&D! Each of our distributors will order these 3 new products for their country. We look forward to continued expansion and excitement in the years to come.
Thank you for your support.

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