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Paul's Aunts, The Compassionate Nuns


Paul's decision not to test his skincare on animals created a major controversy in Holland, his home country.

  Two of his aunts, who happened to be nuns, offered to be test subjects for Paul's cosmetics. They also managed to enlist fellow convent residents to support the worthy cause.

Despite this long-term, successful experiment, the products were never officially approved-largely due to pressure exerted by powerful enemies from within both the Dutch bureaucracy and large cosmetic companies.

The Dutch FDA delivered Paul an ultimatum: test your products on animals or close down the factory. His morals left him with only one choice: the search was now on for a more enlightened host nation.

To his great joy, Paul found that the American FDA was open to his idea of non-animal tested cosmetics- so the company moved to America. Over time, animal testing of cosmetics became a mainstream issue, eventually influencing every major company. Ironically, it was Holland that became the first country to comprehensively ban animal testing of cosmetics.

Paul harbors no ill-feeling towards his former adversaries, calling this "a victory for all animal rights fighters and a compliment to a government with the guts to finally set an example."

Our Mission Statement

To be seen as a trustworthy, enthusiastic, pioneering and environmentally conscious company that practices with loyalty and integrity while supporting humanitarian causes. To continue providing unique, high quality products combined with personal customer service, in order to achieve exceptional consumer satisfaction.

Model & Actress Katja Loves Her Father's Products

  "... 20 years ago, my father, an animal rights activist of long standing and a pure-herbal cosmetics manufacturer, relentlessly disputed the Dutch government's decision to shut down our plant in the Netherlands.

His crime? A refusal to conduct animal tests!

I can still recall holding a shivering rabbit, just one of thousands who were caged in labs waiting to be tested upon.

Even at 3 years old, I stood alone, calm and confident and I assure you that this rabbit, and the many others we saved, NEVER went through horrible tests.

My father was right then, and STILL is today. He believes in humanity and in delivering the right message to the world through his products. Our products are testimony that beauty can be achieved with pure, traditional, natural ingredients.

Today, as a model and actress, I still use and advertise my father's products. In a nutshell, no other products give me better results. Try them and find out for yourself what they can do for you . . .A BETTER YOU!"

Katja Penders

* Katja Penders is the official model for Paul Penders. Her face can be seen on all Paul Penders advertising materials, including this website.


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